The conversation

A short manifesto about the future of online interaction [Feel free to share.] The world is changing. Faster and more suddenly than most of us expected. And beyond the fraught health emergencies that so many are going through, many of us are being asked to quickly move our meetings andContinue Reading

Homemade science

Homemade art is essential. It’s the only kind that resonates. A human, doing something that might not work. Something generous. Homemade cuisine is the basis of all the food we eat. A chef, a terroir, a culture, coming together to make something memorable, real and delicious. And homemade solace, theContinue Reading

Work from home

Three tricky words. Tricky because home used to be a refuge from work. Home is safe, work brings tension. Home is long-term, work might not be. But mostly because the industrial, cog-oriented mindset of work is that you should keep your head down, avoid responsibility and look busy! The factoryContinue Reading

Shared objective reality

That’s not the only way we experience the world, and until relatively recently, it wasn’t even the dominant one. The sun rose this morning. You don’t have to agree with me, but a stranger to our disagreement would confirm that it happened. Objective reality is measured. It’s not based onContinue Reading

Thoughts on a virus

I’ve been studying digital media “viruses” for more than 20 years, and much of what we have discovered about them comes from the analogy to epidemiology and the behavior of real viruses. Here are some ideas that might be relevant as we come to grips with a slowly unfolding tragedy,Continue Reading