Success stories Of Indian Entrepreneurs.

We are writing this content to make a list of some of the entrepreneurs success stories India who have started the business with nothing.  India is a country where you will find multiple business owners who have been started with nothing and now, they are something. To start with a startup is not an easy task as in thinking it is a very difficult part in the world. Starting a startup will take lots of time and money.

When we are in Problems you are always there to talk about it and not finding a solution for it. coming up with and solution no matter from what thing you have gone through is always a sign of a successful entrepreneur. We are going to mention such a successful entrepreneur who have started with nothing and in the hope it will make you motivated to do something big and different.

Below we have mentioned some of the entrepreneurs success stories India.

  1. Flipkart- The Online Shopping Giants.Image result for Flipkart

I hope everyone known about flip kart.  The journey of Flipkart has been started with two of them Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. They have worked in Amazon before and both have been come up with some ideas and concepts into Indian Market. They have started their Journey In the year 2007, they have started with selling Online Books but now they have captured All most Everything As per now Flipkart has almost 50 % of revenue with mobile-only.

  1. Ola cabs

I think you must be knowing about the Ola cabs which you are booking. Did you think that booking a car in front of your door will be that easier? All thanks to Ola cabs traveling In-cab is way cheaper than taking an auto. Ola cabs were been founded by two IIT-B graduates Mr. Bhavish Agarwal and Mr. Ankit Bhati.  It has been started in Mumbai in 2010.

  1. ZomatoImage result for Zomato

So did you think of about you will be getting food in your doorstep? Zomato is an online restaurant which has been founded by Mr. Deepinder Goyal and Mr. Pankaj Chaddah. They have started with nothing and now they are an international brand. when they have started Zomato they were not having enough money for fund. But there hard work pays them.

The above content is all about entrepreneurs success stories India. So, I hope we are able to provide best knowledge about it if you have satisfied with our Article then make sure you have given your feedback and thank you for reading.

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