social proof

Ever see an advertisement for a fitness program? There’s typically a “before” photo and an “after” photo of a customer who followed the workout. On the left is a “before” photo of a shirtless, slouching man. He’s pale. Average-looking. He’s not smiling. Then, in the photo on the right, theContinue Reading

On writing a spec

Good specs force the difficult conversations to happen before they are expensive. If you hand a good spec to a builder or a programmer, the chances that you get back the system you’re hoping for are dramatically increased. For a building, the spec is architectural plans. But give an architectContinue Reading

We are writing this content to make a list of some of the entrepreneurs success stories India who have started the business with nothing.  India is a country where you will find multiple business owners who have been started with nothing and now, they are something. To start with aContinue Reading